May 30, 2018 Training Workshop on Tax Amnesty Program of Ministry of Finance for NGOs and Private sector Entities


The training workshop

On May 30, 2018 Citizens Forum Against Corruption (CFAC) platform held a training workshop to introduce the recently approved Tax Amnesty program. The initiative was taken by the Afghanistan Public policy Research Organization (APPRO) as the secretariat, of NAC-PP, 27 Participants from 22 Organizations attended the training workshop.


The training agenda aimed to introduce the taxation process in Afghanistan, the legal and procedural framework for clearing taxes, and the recently introduced Tax Amnesty program, opening the discussion on the possible the ways forward. Participants had the opportunity to understand and get familiar with the different processes associated with tax amnesty program in Medium Taxpayers Office. The training looked into specific such as filling forms, payment of withholding taxes, submission of annual income tax return and arranging the supporting documents. It also introduced the NGOs to the tax calendar organized by the Ministry of Finance, which define the deadline for the submission of documents. Subsequently, the participants received a practical presentation of the tax forms necessary to proceed with filing tax forms including annual tax forms, wage withholding forms, and quarterly reporting forms.

The full report of the training and its proceedings is available here.