About CFAC


Citizens Forum Against Corruption (CFAC) is a civil society driven initiative against corruption. The primary focus of this initiative is the systematic corruption in tax payments and collection involving NGOs, the private sector, and the Ministry of Finance in Kabul and its line departments in Herat, Mazar-e Sharif, Jalalabad, and Kandahar.

Goal and Objectives

The goal of this initiative is to create a forum through which civil society organizations, businesses, international donors, and ordinary citizens can protect themselves on legal grounds against extortion by corrupt Ministry of Finance officials and demand legislative reform and other actions to curb corruption.

The specific objectives of this initiative are as follows:

Objective 1: Identification of capacity needs of CSOs and local authorities in conduct of good governance practices with a focus on anti-corruption, knowledge of the policy process, and legal literacy/awareness raising on the utilization of existing legislation against corruption.
Objective 2: Strengthening civil society’s oversight of policy processes and government reforms on anti-corruption with a focus at the local level through needs-based capacity building interventions.

Objective 3: Strengthening accountability, transparency, and thus legitimacy of local and national authorities through informed, pragmatic and constructive advocacy messaging by civil society actors on anti-corruption, and adequate and accountable response from governmental authorities.

Corruption undermines effective and equitable service provision for the most vulnerable. Corruption in the government drains resources for service delivery and development – with serious implications for state legitimacy. Citizens’ Forum Against Corruption protects individuals and organizations targeted for extortion by corrupt officials and advocates upholding the rule of law as a necessary condition for improved state-civil society relations toward good governance in Afghanistan.