Partial Tax Amnesty Program has been extended to December 21, 2019


Last chance to use CFAC and clear your back taxes and penalties!

The Government of Afghanistan’s Tax Amnesty program has been extended to December 21, 2019. Citizens Forum Against Corruption (CFAC) has been providing free technical and legal advice to NGOs and private sector entities that wish to take advantage of the Tax Amnesty Program of the Ministry of Finance and obtain clearances of their back taxes and penalties from 2002 through to 2017.

CFAC offers the following services:

  • Assistance in filling the tax forms, preparing documents and organizing the tax dossier
  • Completing the checklist for dossier submission to the Ministry of Finance
  • Accompanying tax clearance applicants to the Ministry of Finance and providing technical and legal advice as necessary

CFAC provides the services of a Tax Specialist and a Lawyer when necessary.
The assistance by CFAC is provided within the legal framework of Afghanistan. The process to apply for the Tax Amnesty Program is mapped here.

Contact CFAC by sending an email to, or by calling us at: 0787 226 747.

The deadline for using CFAC’s services regarding the Tax Amnesty is December 21, 2019