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Ensuring Citizens' Voice in Governance
National Advocacy Committee for Public Policy
Ensuring Citizens' Voice in Governance
National Advocacy Committee for Public Policy
Ensuring Citizens' Voice in Governance

Presentation of ARM Findings at the Ministry of Interior


On April 24, 2017, the Secretariat of the National Advocacy Committee for Public Policy (NAC-PP) presented findings of research conducted by Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) as part of the Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM) project at Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior (MoI). The presentation was based on findings from a baseline assessment in 2015 and the first three monitoring cycles of ARM in 2016.

The participants included representatives from the Directorate of Policy and Planning, Directorate of Strategy, Directorate of Evaluation, Directorate of International Relations, Criminal Investigation Department, and LOTFA.

About ARM

Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM) project is being implemented by Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands. The ARM project was designed to:

  1. Document the baseline conditions for fundamental rights as of 2015 and monitor how instability or conflict affect fundamental rights under the three pillars of Civic, Social, and Economic rights.
  2. Ensure that state and civil society actors have a shared understanding of fundamental rights challenges and the need for closer collaboration in protecting and expanding them through policy reform and development programming.

On the Event

The contents of the presentation were based on:

The presentation was followed by a discussion on:

  • Methods of ensuring the project is effective notably through the engagement of and action by government authorities.
  • Methodological aspects of the research, data collection, and analysis.
  • Context-specific definitions for child labor to address the inclusion or exclusion of apprenticeship from the internationally use definition of child labor.
  • The place of women in government positions, and the means to overcome the constraints on women’s full participation in the workforce.

The participants made reference to a dedicated police unit that monitors the behavior of the police according to the public. This unit’s findings are very similar to findings from the ARM project. It was suggested that the unit could do its monitoring more effectively through applying standardized methodology such as that used in ARM.

Some of the participants felt that the Ministry of Interior would benefit from being informed on an ongoing basis of the findings from monitoring similar to that undertaken by ARM as a means to make informed decisions on how to protect fundamental rights despite the security challenges.

Also of interest to the participants was the need for more in-depth understanding of the conditions of women who work in government administration. Better understanding of the working conditions for these women, some argued, would be the basis on which to introduce reform to facilitate more favorable conditions for women to join the civil service and advance in their careers based on their merit and performance.


NAC-PP thanks the Ministry of Interior for hosting this presentation and Mr. Reza Kateb, Director of Policy and Planning, who facilitated this event.